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Welcome to Duquesne

It has been called, "the end of the road", and "the most beautiful place on earth." The Ghost town of Duquesne (pronounced Doo-Kane) is located near the Mexico and U.S. border, just 18 miles east of Nogales, in Santa Cruz County Arizona. Drive down Duquesne road and gaze with awe at the spectacular views of the San Rafael Valley, "an area with some of the finest cattle country in the west."

Duquesne Sign

An abundance of wildlife live among the oak, juniper and cottonwood trees that cover the Coronado National Forest. Duquesne is the site location of majestic Marble Head Peak. It is hard to believe at the turn and well into the middle of the last century, Duquesne was a bustling mining town and the home of one of the Westinghouse clan.

Today Duquesne is perfect for people who want to live far from the hustlet and bustle of the city and prefer to gaze at the spectacular view of billions of stars that dot the evening sky. Although, on a Saturday night, if you park outside the "Old Hotel," brothel, close your eyes and listen, you may just be able to hear the ruckus of the hard working miners looking for a stiff drink and a good time.


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