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Two Parcels For Sale

You can own the remainder of lot 20, also know as "Downtown" Duquesne. Over 36 acres, that includes the seven not contiguos acres on the east side of Duquesne Road, featuring the miner's cabin that has been kept up over the years.

Post Office

You can also own, the Westinghouse and the Old Hotel just waiting to be restored on the west side. There is power to Lot 20.

Then take a drive through the town. Turn right into the gated portion of Duquesne. A licensed realtor or I will gladly meet you and open the gates so that you can visit the property. We will drive past the occupied ranch house and well kept horse corrals. Drive past the glittering quartz crystal overlook, continue up through the oak and juniper trees then gaze with awe at the famous Marble Head Peak!

Marble Head

Take a deep breath and continue to the very end of Copper Belt Road and don't stop. With caution, continue up the private drive, along the narrow mountain road around to the top! When you arrive, enjoy the cool breeze and the unique and close proximity of majestic Marble Head Peak to the north. Marvel at the panorama of the San Rafael Valley and look beyond to the east. (See the photo below for this spectacular view.) You can see for miles and will begin to wonder about the enchantment, as you observe the mountains that incorporate the country of Mexico to the south. These are 53 remote and the most beautiful acres in America.

San Rafael Valley


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